Sunday, April 22, 2012

many layered tortilla soup

for warming the soul
on a foggy day...

it begins with a good stock
roasted garlic, celery ends, carrot peelings, onion roots and skins, fennel stalks
a few bay leaves salt pepper and time..

the mirepoix: one medium sweet onion, diced, a few celery stalks (save the leaves) couple of carrots diced,a diced yam, handful of chopped pasilla peppers
sauté in olive oil in a large pot. develop the flavors,

push vegetables to the side and anoint the hot oil with:
2+Tbsp each of paprika, chili, cumin, black pepper, when aromatic,
add a cup or so of tomato paste
add enough water to cover
toss in fresh or dried thyme, oregano
. simmer...

add stock, I like ~2 parts stock to one part base
add a can of pumpkin purée
a large can of diced tomatoes
thicken with corn masa paste if you wish
salt to taste
. simmer...

garnish with diced fresh sweet peppers, green onion, tomatoes, cilantro, yogurt, and fresh tortilla strips (I make mine from corn tortillas, sliced like fettucini, fried and salted)


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